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Street Dogs
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Thriller | 32 Episodes | 2019

David and Lily lost their parents when they were very young. They were brought up by their selfless aunt Sarah, who made sure the children lacked for nothing. Lily grew up to be a young woman of firm character, strong and self-reliant – despite her suffering from diabetes, she is a capable tomboy who prefers video games to fancy dresses.

To help out his aunt and younger sister, David takes on a daytime job as a car mechanic. What his family does not know, however, is that when the night comes, David earns money by engaging in an illegal underground fighting ring. He has gained his “street cred” through Rob, a leader of a local gang. Despite Rob’s criminal background, he has much more depth and insight than is typical for a street thug and takes immediate sympathy to the struggling young man.

David’s beacon in all of this is Yeva, a girl who works at a pet shop. He longs to quit the streets and take her out on a simple date – and yet, the roots that connect him to the dark side of the city have become so deeply entrenched that breaking out of them will be no simple task.



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