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Drama | 16 Episodes | 2019

Gabriel, a choreographer, is staging a new, complicated show. The project is funded by the lover of the theatre’s most promising star, Nora – the banker-philanthropist Bego. Nora refuses to take part in any of the play’s explicit scenes; neither will she perform any demanding stunts. This leads to disagreements between Gabriel and Nora.

Gabriel refuses to work with Nora. Nora, in turn, starts turning Bego, as well as the theatre’s newly appointed director, against Gabriel.

Gabriel brings Janette, a new prima dancer from Paris, who is willing to perform in line with his expectations. Their professional relationship soon evolves into a secret love affair. Gabriel’s unsuspecting wife, Marie, supports her husband in any way she can.

The intensive rehearsals leave Janette completely exhausted. She undergoes a medical examination that reveals a lump in her breast. Despite her life being in danger, Janette refuses to quit the show. As an artist with an insatiable desire to perform, she is forced to overcome insurmountable hardships on her path to her dream.



Address: 26, G․ Hovsepyan Str., Yerevan, Nork 0011

Tel: +374 10 650015

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