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Drama | 16 Episodes | 2019

Smbat, the oldest son of the Alimyan family, has been living and working in Moscow for quite a while now – from the moment he and his father, the wealthy businessman Markos Alimyan, clashed over his decision to marry a Russian woman, he had left his family home and never once looked back.


Until one day, grave news of his father’s declining health reach him, forcing him to return to Armenia.


The final farewell he had planned to give his father is soured by Markos’ last will – Smbat is to be the main heir to his father’s fortunes on one condition: he has to divorce his Russian wife.


Markos’ second son, Michael, is a reckless wastrel – his father has long abandoned any hope for him – Michael, in turn, has grown increasingly more distant from his family. Michael also has a condition set before him if he is to receive anything from his father’s will – he has to get married.


The Alimyans’ daughter Martha, as well as her husband Isahak, want to have their own share of the inheritance as well. Isahak persuades Michael to create a counterfeit last will that will see them as the main successors to Markos’ fortunes.

The fight over the inheritance brings out the worst in the members of the Alimyan family – greed, envy and betrayal tear off their masks of pleasantry and kindness and reveal unforgiving enmity and ruthlessness.



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