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For The Sake of Honour
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Drama | 16 Episodes | 2020

Andreas Elizbarov is a wealthy man who lives a peaceful life with his wife and children. It all changes when the son of his dead friend, Artashes Otaryan, appears on his doorstep with one goal in mind – to unveil the mysteries surrounding his father’s death and the loss of their family fortune.


Elizbarov’s younger daughter Margaret, a lawyer, decides to help Artashes in his quest, blissfully unaware that their search for the culprit will inevitably lead them to her father.


The Elizbarov family is rocked by these developments. The eldest son, Bagrat, commits himself to defending his family; the younger son, Suren, who leads a hedonistic lifestyle in opposition to his father’s wishes, becomes Artashes’ sworn enemy. Even Artashes’ uncle is involved in covering up the Elizbarov conspiracy to save his skin.


Margaret’s older sister Rosalie falls in love with Artashes and struggles to gain his attention. Artashes, however, has fallen in love with Margaret, making the younger Elizbarov daughter face the eternal choice between love and her family’s honour.



Address: 26, G․ Hovsepyan Str., Yerevan, Nork 0011

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