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4 Dreams

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Kids/teenage | 2 seasons | 62 & 74 Episodes |

2022 - 2023

Aram differs from his peers in his sharp mind, vocabulary, ability to quickly focus in complicated situations, and rational judgment. Scientific experiments, physics, and the dream of receiving a Nobel Prize take up all his time.

After yet another unsuccessful scientific experiment, Aram's parents, as a punishment, forbid him to go to a technological camp to participate in a robotics contest. Aram's teammates, his friends, remain alone. Aram resorts to tricks asking his parents to take him to his grandmother's house in the village during the holidays. Every day, Aram secretly goes to the camp not far from the village and participates in the contest with his friends.

Aram and his friends face a lot of challenges and adventures both in the camp and in the village. When the lie is exposed, the robot is already ready and it is the last day of the contest.


After returning from the camp, new adventures await Aram and his friends at school, as well as new challenges that they must overcome while trying to fulfill each of their dreams.

Season 2 

The story follows Aram and his group of friends who have all achieved success in their respective careers, except for Tigran, the once-promising chess player who has deviated from his dream and fallen into a bad environment. He now spends his days and nights in nightclubs, getting more and more stuck in the quagmire of life.

When Aram returns to Yerevan after studying in Germany for three years, his friends rush to the airport to greet him. However, they end up getting into a fight with Tigran and his new circle of friends in the courtyard of the Opera House. The altercation lands them all at the police station instead of the airport.
Tigran's parents call their friend Taron, who is part of Aram's group, and inform him that their son has disappeared. They plead with Taron to help find and save their son.

Aram's return to Yerevan shakes things up for the group of friends. The old company falls apart as new couples emerge, including Aram and Arevik and Lusine and Taron. Even their parents, who know each other from a children's series, are worried about their children's well-being.
Through their struggles, the friends learn the importance of unity, friendship, and forgiveness. They realize that fighting for dreams can be difficult, but giving up is not an option.