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The Last Teacher
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Drama | 16 Episodes | 2019

The class of 10B has always been difficult for the teachers. The class reaches a new low when the Chemistry teacher enters their classroom one day only to discover five boys and a girl dancing fervently, with the girl, Mary, being half-naked. The story of this incident echoes throughout the school corridors, becoming the favorite topic of gossip among pupils and teachers alike.

The school administration, eager to cover up the incident and minimize the damages the story might cause to the school’s reputation, decides to dissolve the class, indifferent to the emotional turmoil the teenagers are facing.

At this tumultuous point in the school’s history, Vahan Mamyan is hired as a Literature teacher. When given supervision over the scandalous class of 10B, Mamyan decides that instead of being a conventional teacher, he will become a mentor and confidant for the children facing the most complicated period in their lives.



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