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Anatolian Story
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Drama | 16 Episodes | 2020

Mustafa Ghazi and his son Suleiman are leaders of the Grey Wolves, an infamous Turkish radical group. Mustafa has been engulfed in religious extremism and Turkish nationalism his whole life, until one day he suddenly starts suspecting that he is, in fact, an Armenian. What brings this suspicion about is a lullaby that brings back memories from a long-forgotten childhood.

Now on a quest to rediscover his origins, Mustafa sets out for his hometown, Kars. As an active participant in the Turkish-Armenian conflict, Ghazi has spent his whole life avenging the death of his parents.


A letter he discovers in Kars changes his whole perception of the past, leaving him and his family at a complete loss – the lives they lived were founded on a lie.

The film is narrated by Mustafa’s younger son Edem, who lives in Yerevan and is chronicling the peculiar story of his family.



Address: 26, G․ Hovsepyan Str., Yerevan, Nork 0011

Tel: +374 10 650015

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