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2019 | 16x35 | Drama

A millionaire Elizbarov lives a peaceful life with his wife and children. Everything changes when Otaryan, the son of Elizbarov’s partner in business appears...


Armenian Drama Series

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We deliver inspiring content

Since our launch, we have always strived to bridge the gap between the East and the West by integrating elements and values that resonate with an international audience. This is evident in our media content that is contemporary, meaningful and up-to-date with the current patterns of the global media landscape.


With the increased production of TV series and global demand for entertainment, it is imperative that we focus on high quality and professional production. Therefore, these are the two elements guiding us in our expansion and our aim in reaching different audiences worldwide.


Our international Sales Centre is committed to be a pioneer in the TV industry to introduce and showcase Armenian series and Armenia to the world. So get ready to explore the Armenian culture and our values through our series and you can get assured that you would love our series as much as we do!

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Address: 26, G․ Hovsepyan Str., Yerevan, Nork 0011

Tel: +374 10 650015

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