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The mystery of Shahmar
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Criminal Drama | 32 Episodes | 2019

A burglary occurs in the Khakhanyans’ family. The respectable doctors have been robbed of their entire fortune - as well as their father‘s surgery records that had been kept throughout his career. The police get involved, trying to find the culprit. The suspect list is quite large - including all the members of the Khakhanyan family as well as all the local criminal gangs.



The Khakhanyan’s son Mher has been dating Arega for quite a while now. When he asks for her hand in marriage, however, Arega is extremely hesitant. Having been married once, she is afraid of forming a new family - despite being accepted and loved by the Khakhanyans. Arega does not have any relatives in Armenia and seems to be hiding something from her significant other. Her secrecy ends up driving a wedge between her and Mher.



The police investigation is to leads the investigators on a journey back in time - to an incident that happened 40 years ago, when a 27-year-old doctor failed to save a life. His supervisor had offered him two options: either he would marry his daughter or face criminal consequences for his actions.



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